About Us

The EV Shop started from the experiences of the founders as Tesla owners. We knew that finding the best aftermarket Tesla accessories would be a challenge for new owners. So, we opened a shop for those looking to upgrade their Tesla. Our mission is to offer our customers the best quality aftermarket Tesla accessories that they may need to not only feel more confident and comfortable while on the road but more importantly, be more productive and safer while driving.

We’ve done extensive research on numerous different accessories starting from the Model S all the way down to the Model Y. From the best wraps to the sturdiest car mounts, we understand that having quality products allows Tesla owners to have a better owners experience. Therefore, we chose the best items in each category based on a plethora of thorough reviews and recommendations from current Tesla owners to offer prospective owners with the most current and functional aftermarket Tesla accessories on the market.

Thus, many of our customers have consistently rated our shop as the number one aftermarket Tesla accessories shop!